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Parent Portal Contact

Parent Portal Contact Preferences and Automated Attendance Notifications

The District sends automated attendance notifications via voice phone calls. The Infinite Campus system allows parents to set notification preferences. If you have not set any preferences yet, you may not be receiving important announcements. Please login to the Parent Portal and set your Message Contact Preferences as shown in the example below.

Once logged in to the portal, from the menu on the left, select Contact Preferences under the User Account section.

Set Your Message Contact Preferences:

Email Address: yourname@emaildomain

Secondary Email Address: yourname@emaildomain

For each type of message (Emergency, Attendance, Behavior, General Notification, Priority Notification, Teacher), select how you prefer to receive that message. You may select to receive a message on more than one device. To change or add a phone number, submit a household information update request through the portal for approval. 

Note: Please double check phone numbers and email addresses to confirm accuracy before you submit changes. Please check the Text(SMS) check box if you would like to receive text messages sent by the school. 

If Text (SMS) option is enabled, message and data rates may apply. Charges are dependent on your service plan which may include fees from your carrier to send and receive these text (SMS) messages. 

To opt out, uncheck the text (SMS) box anytime. 


PLEASE NOTE:  To change your home address, please contact your School Secretary.


1. I did not receive a letter with my portal login!

Please contact the Technology HelpDesk at 412-492-6340, to confirm necessary details and instructions will be emailed to you.

2. Notes on receiving calls and text messages:

  1. To stop additional calls, a recipient should always press "0" to confirm receipt of messages. If a recipient listens to a message but does not confirm its receipt by pressing "0," they may continue to receive calls and redial attempts. Confirming receipt by pressing 0 will also end the chain of phone calls to you which may impact other members of your household depending on how your contact preferences are set.

  2. Emergency text messages are only delivered to a recipient as a final attempt at contact. They are ONLY sent when all initial emergency phone calls and the scheduled number of redials have been attempted for the number without receipt confirmation from the recipient. Should the recipient confirm receipt of the message (by pressing "0" after listening), all text messages scheduled for delivery to that recipient's phone numbers will be canceled. Additional phone calls and/or redials will also be canceled.

3. Question: Why didn't I receive a phone call, email or text message from the system?


  1. You may need to update your contact preferences in the Infinite Campus portal to include the desired number.
  2. Someone else in the household may have confirmed receipt of the message.
  3. Certain communications are only sent as email or phone, as text messages are limited to 140 characters and are sometimes not sufficient to communicate all of the necessary details.

4. The information on my mobile app does not match what I see in the web portal!

This is most likely because you need to refresh the information in the mobile app.  Please see the mobile app help for data refresh instructions