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Accessing the Parent Portal

Accessing the Parent Portal

On this page you will find a links to the mailed instructions on how to access and update the Parent Portal aspect of the Infinite Campus system. Through this site, parents have real-time access to information on students’ progress, attendance, assignments, grades and other future services. Teachers will have the ability to communicate with you directly through the Parent Portal. District announcements and automated notifications will be generated from the portal directly to the phone numbers and/or email addresses you designate. 

Please use the following steps to set-up your Parent Portal account:

  • Step 2 - It is essential that you take the time to review the second page of instructions! Having created the Parent Portal account for your household in step 1, you now must review and update the contact information as instructed. Failure to do so may result in the inability to:

This information is being provided to each HTSD Household to verify and update information for all district communication. Infinite Campus also gives us the opportunity to communicate with each member of the household in the manner that best suits that individual. The second set of instructions will guide you through the process to allow for/ or specify the degree of that individual communication.

Beyond the links found within this page, the Infinite Campus Portal can be accessed through the following locations on the District website.

  • Under the Quicklinks menu from the district home page
  • From the right side banner of each of the individual School homepages.
  • From the Parent Resources section under each of the building pages.