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*Updated 09/25/2023*

The Hampton Township School District offers an optional district issued device insurance program.  Through this process, families must enroll the student device at this website and select to either ACCEPT or DECLINE the insurance option.

Q: What is the annual cost of the insurance coverage?

  • The annual cost of the insurance is $35.00 for each student with a family cap of 3 students.  
  • Each student needs to be registered individually by re-entering the One2One website for each child. 

  • The insurance coverage fee is waived for families who are on the free and reduced lunch program, but parents still need to register, and the system will show a $0.00 fee.

  • This fee is not used to purchase the devices, but rather to protect the families from high repair costs.

Q: Will my child receive their device before school starts?   

  • No.  Devices will be distributed during Homeroom on the first school day for high school and middle school as long as the parents or guardians of the student has logged into the One2One Risk device insurance program and ACCEPTED or DECLINED the insurance.

  • Elementary students will be given a device in school on their first day.  

  • Everyone receiving a device must login and either ACCEPT or DECLINE the insurance through the One2One website.  

  • The 2023-2024 registration window is September 25 through October 31, 2023.   

  • Coverage will be for the 2023-2024 school year only. 

Q: Do I have to take this device?

Devices are assigned to all students in the same way that classroom textbooks and other resources are assigned.  The difference being that families are given the option to purchase insurance for the device to help offset the cost of any applicable repair or replacement that could be needed.  As with textbooks and other materials, if it is lost or damaged the cost of the repair or replacement becomes an obligation payment to the district.  At the high school level only, if a student has an equivalent personally assigned device at home, a parent may opt to allow the student to bring that device to school, but there are differences. If you are a high school student and plan to use a personal device, please review our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) information page and submit the BYOD request form to notify the district of this plan.

Q: Should parents purchase insurance now or later?
A: Insurance should be purchased prior to a student receiving their device, parents need to register their students’ device and either accept or decline insurance during the registration window. The insurance policy covers the device while the students are at school and at home.

Q: How can I register more than one child?
A: Each child’s device and the option to accept or decline insurance for each child needs to be completed separately. To register more than one child, complete the registration for one child, then access the One2One website again and complete the process for your next child.

Q: After I complete registration and decide whether I would like to purchase insurance, is anything else needed in order for my child to receive a device?
A: No further action is needed.

Q: Who owns the device? 
A: Although families will take temporary possession of the device, the device remains the property of HTSD. The device is for educational purposes only. 

Q: What is purpose of the One2One device insurance program?
A: Families who purchase the insurance through One2One Risk Management will cap their financial obligation to a reasonable deductible (Q8) rather than bearing the full cost of the device(s) repair or replacement.

Q: What is the annual cost of the insurance coverage?
A: The annual cost of the insurance is $35.00 for the first student, $35.00 for the second student in a family, and $35.00 for the third student in a family. The family cap is $105.00. Example: A family with four children would see registration fees of $35, $35, $35 and $0 for each child for a total cost of $105. The insurance coverage fee is waived for families who are on the free and reduced lunch program, but parents still need to register and the system will show a $0.00 fee.

Q: What is the cost of the deductible?
A: The deductible is $35.00 per occurrence.

Q: How do I pay for the insurance coverage?
A: Families are encouraged to use a credit card directly through the One2One website to purchase insurance. However, if families do not wish to use a credit card, families can purchase an “insurance cash card” according to the scale above (cash or check made payable to “Hampton Township School District”) through the school office. The school office will provide an “insurance cash card” which can be used as a credit card online for payment. Please note the insurance cash card is only good on the One2One website and has no cash value elsewhere, and that one insurance cash card must be purchased separately for each insurance policy registration.

Q: Is the One2One website secure?
A: Yes, the One2One website is secure and all information is confidential.

Q: What is the policy period for 2023-2024?
A: The policy period will begin on the date of enrollment through the end of the 2023-2024 school year and into the start of the 2024-2025 enrollment period. To ensure continuous coverage, families will be contacted by the District during the summer to begin the renewal process for the 2024-2025 school year.  

Q: What does the insurance cover?
A: The insurance covers all physical components of the device, including hard drive and battery failure, and theft of the device with a police report.

Q: What does the insurance NOT cover?
A: The insurance does NOT cover loss of the device; loss of the carrying case; reasonable wear and tear such as scratches, dents, work keys, etc.; and damage as a result of reckless abuse or willful conduct.

Q: Is it mandatory to purchase the One2One device insurance?
A: No, device insurance is not mandatory; however, please be aware that the parent or guardian will then be responsible for the full repair/replacement costs of the student’s device -- including drops and damages, hardware issues, battery failure, and any other unexpected issues not a fault of the user. 

  • All damaged devices must evaluated and fixed by Hampton Township School District. 

  • You must to go to to decline the insurance. 

Q: How much does it cost to replace a device if I do NOT elect to purchase insurance?
A: Full replacement cost for the laptop is $439 for the HP ProBook and $294 for the iPad plus $35 for the case.  While subject to change, a listing of typical repair costs is included below: 

  • Hardcase for ProBook (G1 and G3 models) = $24  

  • Keyboard = $85 (missing key/s)

  • Soundboard = $66 (microphone and headphone jacks)

  • Cracked Screen ProBook = $129

  • Cracked Screen iPad = $129

  • Webcam = $65

  • Replacement power cords for HP = $25

  • Replacement power cord for Ipads = $49

Q: If the laptop depreciates in value, why do I still have to pay full price for repairs?

A: The district cannot effectively source new and used parts for repairs, but always seeks to obtain the lowest part price when needed. 

Q: What if a student enrolls/withdrawals during the school year?

For students that withdraw:

  • All items that were given to the student, device, case, and charger, must be returned on the date of withdrawal or sooner.   

  • Any devices not returned on date of withdrawal, will be charged the full amount of the device and the capability to use the device remotely will be shut off by the Technology Services Department.

  • Three attempts will be made to contact the parent via phone if the device is not turned in.

  • Attempt four will be a certified letter. 

  • Attempt five will be a certified letter for court date with the District Magistrate.

  • HTSD reserves the right to contact the child’s new school location and have the return of the device set up as an obligation as well.

FAQs Regarding Devices and Issues:

Q: What do I do if the device stops working or is damaged at home?
A: Students should bring their device to school the next day and access the Student Help Desk in their school’s library. Staff will be available to guide the student and family in any repair and replacement procedures. If necessary and possible, a temporary replacement device will be issued to the student. The District’s Technology Services Department will be responsible for the repair of laptop computers and iPads.  For students learning at home, please contact the Technology Services help desk.

Q: What does my student do if the device stops working at school?
A: Students should obtain a pass from their teacher and go to the Student Help Desk in the school’s library. Staff will be available to guide the student and family in any repair and replacement procedures. If necessary and possible, a temporary replacement device will be issued to the student. The District’s Technology Services Department will be responsible for the repair of laptop computers and iPads.

Q: Do you have to pay the deductible if the device just stops working?
A: If the device stops working, the Technology Services Department will examine the device to determine the problem and whether an insurance claim is necessary.

Q: What if the device is stolen?
A: Families must file a police report and pay the $35.00 deductible for a replacement device.

Q: What if I don't want to pay for any repairs?

  • Any outstanding debts will be considered an obligation to attend school functions including graduation.
  • The child will not be able to take the device home with outstanding debts, so it will only be usable on campus. 

FAQs about Devices at Home:

Q: What if a parent does not have the ability to register the device online?
A: Parents are welcome to call Margieann Green at (412) 492-6340 or email at for assistance in registering their child’s device.

Q: What if my family needs support in obtaining WiFi?
A: Please see the Internet at Home information on the District website and if needed contact your building principal for additional information.

Q: Do the devices come with a protective cover, or do parents need to purchase something?
A: Parents may purchase protective covers if desired. The iPads come with a protective cover.

Q: Can the students keep their devices over the summer?
A: Generally students can keep their device for the summer, although they may be periodically collected for updates and inspections.

Q: Should students bring power cords to school?
A: No, students should bring a fully-charged device to school and leave their power cords at home.

Q: What if my child loses the power cord or case?
A: If your child loses the power cord or case, please contact the Technology Services Department for current replacement cost.

Q: Can my child load/install games or apps on his/her device?
A: Only the district can load/install software and applications on the student devices.

Q: Will students need to create their own Apple ID?
A: No, the district will create the students’ ID for them and teach the students how to access their devices during the hands-on sessions after they receive their device.

Q: What kinds of filters will be in place for the students’ computer use?
A: Devices will be filtered in the same way both at school and at home.

Q: How will the devices be labeled?
A: Each device will have an identification label which will include the device number and the student’s name.

Q: What other resources can I obtain to help me filter my internet at home?
A: Parents can look for helpful resources through Common Sense Media or through the Fred Rogers Center, however additional home Internet filtering can potentially conflict with the District provided content filtering and ability to access assigned resources.  The district always encourages parents to check in with their child regarding their Internet use and learning activities.

Q: Can I use my home printer with the student laptop?

A: The District does not have the ability to support home printing, but if your home printer does not require software or drivers to be installed then it is possible that the student’s device will be compatible.

Additional FAQs Regarding Devices and Where to Get More Information

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