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Building Representatives

HIgh School

  • Amy Bernett
  • Jackie Smith
  • Marie Spence

Middle School

  • Jessica Dixon
  • Trisha Webb
  • Amanda Frischling

Central Elementary

  • Anne Lavelle
  • OPEN

Poff Elementary

  • Alicia Round
  • Raina Dunlap

Wyland Elementary

  • Cody Ressel
  • Jennifer Weiner

Mission Statement

The Special Education Advisory Council promotes a partnership between the parents, the community and the District. They work collaboratively to promote excellence and high expectations for all by embracing diversity, encouraging inclusion while promoting awareness of individual differences.

Shared Belief Statements

  • All individuals can learn.
  • Learning is a life-long process that occurs inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Embracing, valuing and promoting diversity enriches our community and learning experiences.
  • Integrity, trust, compassion and open communication are hallmarks of an excellent educational community.
  • Children are our community’s most valuable asset, and each child has intrinsic worth.
  • Interaction and collaboration with people of diverse backgrounds and character encourages tolerance, open-mindedness and appreciation for others.

  • Because students learn at different rates and in different ways, it is essential to recognize each student’s needs and interests when creating opportunities for continuous progress.

  • Each individual has dignity and worth.

  • Collaboration within and among school, families and community partners is essential to meet the needs of each student.

  • A safe, caring, positive environment with high levels of courtesy and respect is essential to maximize learning and productivity.