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Program Information

Hampton Township School District's philosophy is to meet the needs of students based on their capabilities. The district recognizes students with above average intelligence deserve the opportunity to participate in activities that challenge their academic abilities. Students that demonstrate the need will be challenged through differentiated instruction, enrichment, acceleration or via Chapter 16: Gifted Support Services.

Recommendations for services for high end learners are determined at the elementary level through the Response to Intervention and Instruction (RtII) process and data team meetings. A parent or classroom teacher identifies the high end learner and provides detailed information on that particular student to the RtII facilitator). The RtII facilitator makes the necessary arrangements for a team meeting to discuss the child's program.

Services for high end learners at the secondary level are determined through the RtII process (grades 6-8) or through Child Study (grades 9-12). Teachers and parents provide detailed information to the RtII facilitator or school counselor and a team of people meets to establish the student's program.