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School Start Times


School Start Time

The Hampton Township School District is known regionally and nationally for its Tradition of Excellence. Our students are offered some of the most challenging and engaging educational opportunities District-wide. Our transformative learning environment helps to develop important dispositions such as creativity, innovation and complex problem-solving. These skills have been identified as critical for the success of the future workforce.

In January 2018, the District invited Dr. Peter Franzen to present his research-based findings on the benefits of later start times for secondary students. Research indicates that secondary students who get more sleep per night perform better academically. 

Following Dr. Franzen's presentation, the HTSD School Board directed District Administration to conduct additional research into whether later school start times would be of benefit to HTSD students, particularly those at the secondary level. A small committee was formed, consisting of District Administration, Building Principals and School Board members to begin the process of evaluating if later school start times would benefit HTSD students.  

In line with the recommendations of major medical organizations, and following the results of a comprehensive study of student sleep in relation to school start times, the Hampton Township School District is studying the adjustment of start times for students.At the January 27, 2020 voting meeting, the Hampton Township School Board of Directors approved the Secondary Switch recommendations.