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HMS Students Participate in Annual Be the Change Day Event


Each November, Hampton Middle School students participate in the "Be the Change" event, where they learn about the many struggles facing others. Among the issues they explore firsthand include poverty, disease, hunger, homelessness and a lack of access to clean drinking water. Additionally, students write editorials addressing several of these world issues. Each year, a selection of these editorials are then chosen for publication by peers and teaching. Editorial cartoons (pictured above), also are chosen for publication. The following were the editorials selected for this year. 


Global Warming: Melting Away Hope
By Cara Herock

A mother polar bear is hunting with her baby enjoying being together, when suddenly, CRACK! The iceberg splits in two and the baby starts floating away. The mother calls for help, but no one comes, and the baby disappears into the fog. Several polar bears and other animals face this tragedy every day. Global warming is affecting plants, animals, and the world as we know it.

When you turn on the news to catch a glimpse of a flood or hurricane happening, you may not realize that global warming has an influence on this. Global warming is caused by too much carbon dioxide in the air which results in it acting like a blanket and traps heat; the whole world is being affected by this in countless ways. We are the main cause of global warming by releasing fossil fuels, like coal and oil, into the atmosphere. Because of this, storms are more severe and intense than before and cause many innocent victim’s homes to be destroyed and flooded.

People all over the globe including plants and animals are at risk of this problem. Luckily, we are starting to realize the effects. By 2100, if we don’t do anything, the climate could rise eight degrees Fahrenheit, which is a drastic difference. Whether you enjoy it or not, there may not be anymore snow in the next century. Numerous individuals are suffering from this; in fact, 11% of the world’s population is currently vulnerable to global warming’s effects on them. It’s even putting coral reefs in grave danger to extinction. The world is only going to get worse if we do nothing about global warming.

The world is slowly sickening and it needs your help. You can make a complete difference by just doing a couple tasks for the Earth. Switching to an electric car is much better for the environment and it doesn’t burn greenhouse gasses. Saving thousands of lives is easy too. By planting one tree, you can save as many as 1,000 lives.  If you don’t want to do it yourself, there is a great organization called Environment America. You can find them online; it consists of multiple state organizations across the country. They are always researching environmental issues and finding ways to put an end to them.

Our Earth is in trouble, and we need to do something about it. With a simple donation you can rescue various animals and wildlife, and even people. If we all try, our home as we know it will not disappear.

Tortured Tots
By Aliza Michielli

Look at your shoes. Are they Nikes? If so, then think again. Right now you might be wearing shoes that children as young as 5 years old were forced to make. Children who do not even have shoes work until their fingers bleed instead of going to school. Every day we are buying products for our enjoyment that children constructed until they were put into physical peril. Child labor is a serious and life threatning issue that we need to eradicate.

Child labor is equivelant  to torture. Children have no choice but to work 12 hour days, a lot of the time in the blistering sun, while completing jobs that put them into physical and mental anguish. Children in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and South Asia are being exploited to gut-wrenching labor that deprives them of their youth and education. Parents sell their children into child labor because they live in poverty, and the smallest amount of food or income can mean the difference between life and death, if the labor does not kill them first. We contribute to their pain. In fact, we support it by purchasing sweatshop products for our everyday use. 

More often than not, the excruciating pain that child laborers endure become so unbearable that it kills them. Over 200 million children are subject to child labor; unfortunately, out of those 200 million people 73 million of them are younger than 10 years old. Before they have time to realize what profession they want to study in the future, they are put to work without the choice to go to school. As they are completing their strenuous tasks, 60 innocent souls die a day; that adds up to 22 thousand children  who pass away each year because heartless humans make them work, against their will, with deadly tools and chemicals they are not properly trained to use. They accomplish back-breaking deeds for a palm of food, and, if they are lucky, they earn 20 cents a day, which is impossible to live off of. Children suffer all day long for no reward, and we are the cause. 

Believe it or not, you can help end child labor. There are charities that are collecting donations and trying to help these kids. What does not seem like much money to us can change someone else's life; one small donation of 20 dollars can buy a family 20 days worth of food or send a kid to school. It only takes a few clicks to donate a small amount of money to a reputable charity of your choice to save a kids life. 

Millions of children in developing countries are dying because of incredibly dangerous work that they must do to provide for their families, but there are kind hearts trying to help these kids. You could be one of those kind hearted people helping children. Children are dying because we are not educated about child labor. Take a couple minutes of your time to get to know the problem, and donate wisely. If you do these things you can save a life and give someone the childhood they deserve. 

Rumbling Stomachs are Not Good Companions
By Emerson Pryal

A mother scavenges through her purse for a dollar to hand to her son for dinner. He emerges from the store with a bag of chips, and they eat silently the whole ride home. Although it’s not a repast, to most hungry American kids and families, this is dinner every night.

 Hunger is a thriving worldwide crisis and numerous Americans don’t have the money to receive the nutrition they need. You most likely eat around three meals a day, with snacks. Imagine taking the meals away and only eating snacks. The issue, hunger in America, is found across the southeastern states, Mississippi having the highest percentage with 20.8% of the population at risk of hunger. Most Americans struggle because of job instability, low wages, and just the high price of living. Personally, this issue doesn’t affect me, but it does make me more aware of throwing food away, especially fruits or vegetables. I think that everyone should really be conservative about what we throw away because many of us don’t realize that somebody else could envy us just for eating fresh produce.

Hunger in America is very crucial. Those don’t know where their next meal will come from could end up dying. In 2019, overall, there was a total of 38 million citizens who struggle with hunger in the U.S, and almost half of that population consisted of children. Experiencing hunger at a young age can lead to long-lasting medical concerns, especially if the family is forced between spending money on food or on medical care. Thankfully, food trucks, food banks, fundraisers for specific families, and nutrition programs are all helping to efficiently fight hunger in America. If we all gave away produce to those in need, we could sufficiently decrease hunger. 

Everyone's the same; we all need fresh food! Hunger in America needs to decline. Fortunately, there are ways you can help. For instance, you could donate to S.N.A.P. (supplemental nutrition assistance program) or W.I.C. (the special program for women, infants, and children). Feeding America is also an organization helping to reduce hunger. Donating just $10-$15 to one of these organizations could make someone smile. Remember, you can always volunteer at a food drive or soup kitchen too! If I had to pick one of these organizations, I would choose W.I.C. because it specializes in assisting women and children. During this holiday season, these people don’t want presents, they want food!

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Would you be able to bear not having an accessible pantry every day? Lend your hand out to those who need it. Nothing changes if nothing changes. People could be successful, but they just need that extra push. Be that person;be that push.

The Malaria Massacre
By Nolan Keiser

A mother wakes in the middle of the night to the sound of crying. This has been happening ever since her daughter Catarina was diagnosed with malaria from the local doctor. Every night she cries from all the overwhelming pain she has felt over the day. The mother wishes that they had enough money to get medicine, but it is just too expensive. It is obvious that it is getting worse, but the doctor has already been full of patients that are having the same problem. She comforts her daughter as much as she can but knows it won't be much longer.

In our country there are people that don't give their children vaccines for the flu and other illnesses. There are others that don't take medicine that will help when they get sick. In developing countries,such as Africa, millions are dying from  malaria because they can't receive vaccines, and they can't get the medicine they need. It is expensive and far away from the people that would need it, where mosquitoes thrive in the heat. The cost is inflated five times the amount it cost to make them.This causes deaths every day that could easily be prevented if corporations cared about the lives of others.

A mosquito may seem like a harmless bug, but in the right conditions it can be a silent killer. It gives awful symptoms such as coma, respiratory difficulties, and more. Over HALF of countries have malaria transmissions. If that is not enough to shrivel you with fear, if you go somewhere where malaria is common, you won't have an adjusted immune system to the virus and are at very high risk for getting sick. Children have a 95% of contracting it if they are exposed. There's a chance of getting it from a blood transfusion as well.

Although it may seem unlikely, you actually can help. The W.H.O. (World Health Organization) has already funded $1.2 billion to fix the problem.  The A.M.F. (Against Malaria Foundation) is funding LLINs ( Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets) for people in Africa, preventing malaria before it starts. The “Malaria No More” organization has saved  6.8 million lives and prevented 663 million cases of malaria. I can easily help by donating to all of these, and you can too. I like the “Malaria No More” organization the most because not only has it saved lots of lives, but it also prevented future sickness.

Please do whatever you can and donate to these charities.  You can help by donating even a single dollar, or doing something yourself by informing others and starting a fundraiser. It is a natural human instinct to help others, but you can never do it alone.

Cruel Cholera
By Gianna Kuhlmann

Eight year old Martin is dying of thirst. His lips cracked, face dry. All he wants is the slightest bit of water. He sees a puddle of dark brown, muddy water and can’t help himself, he drank it. Now he has cholera, and he is fighting to keep his life. Unfortunately, this happens to millions of other people who are in the same situation as Martin.

When you take a giant gulp of refreshing, cool water, you don’t think anything of it. However, for some people, just one sip of water can lead to a fatal disease. People get this disease from eating food or drinking water that is contaminated with a bacterium called Vibrio Cholerae. How does the water get contaminated with this bacterium? From feces! When a person or animal puts their feces in a large body of water, it infects the water with cholera. The same thing happens with food.  Cholera causes major diarrhea, which causes severe dehydration. Basically it wipes out all of the electrolytes in your body. Without treatment, a person with this foul disease can die within two to three hours. One sip of water or one bite of food can lead to a life changing matter.

People all over the globe have been exposed to cholera infested food or drink products. There have been 21,000 to 143,000 deaths due to cholera per year. The population of the city of Erie is 101,786 people. Imagine, that whole population just dropping dead on the floor. On the bright side, 80% of people who receive treatments for cholera survive. When a person gets treated for cholera it usually takes between 12 hours and 5 days to be healed. So it is much better to get immediate comfort than having this excruciating disease hang over your head. The tiniest bit of unclean, infested water causes many severe issues, including death.

Luckily, this devastating nuisance is preventable.  It is very important to never dump any sort of feces into any large body of water because it contaminates the water with Vibrio Cholerae. Always cook your food well, especially your seafood. Never drink or use unclean or dirty water. If you make sure to follow that life-saving advice, you should be cholera free for the rest of your life. To follow up on preventing this, there are charities you can donate to. Water.org is an awesome charity that pitches in with water pollution and with getting people who don’t have safe water, clean and fresh water. All so that they don’t inherit a threatening disease, like cholera.

Next time you take a sip of refreshing water, or a nice bite if a sweet treat, think of Martin and all of the other kids in the same position as Martin. They are dying of thirst and hunger with the devastating thought of obtaining an atrocious disease like cholera. With the assistance of you, we can be the change.

Will Poverty Ever Take a Final Bow?
By Hannah Kramer

Nearly 22,000 infants die a year due to living in poverty, while other children become extremely upset when they do not receive the device they put on their Christmas list.When you see the poor men, women, or children without money, reconsider passing them by. Everywhere there are millions of victims suffering from poverty.

Poverty is living without the basic life necessities. Shockingly tens of millions live in poverty in despair. Multiple causes such as a lack of education.inadequate access to clean water and nourishing food etc… all lead to poverty. This devastating catastrophe can lead to emotional, physical, sexual, social, and mental problems in their lifetime. When you live in poverty, you sadly have more of a chance to be aggressive, more violent, and antisocial behavior. The next time you are upset with what is going on in your life, remember the people that are suffering with life alternative conditions.

Poverty is one of the top causes of death. Preventable diseases take the lives of 2 million people a year who are too poor to afford proper treatment. Nearly half of the world population lives on less than $2.50 a day. These people suffer with survival. Typically, the children in poverty don’t have a childhood. Instead they work which can lead to child labor and many other social issues. 25% of our population worldwide live without electricity. The amount of families that lack the resources this community has is astonishing. We can do so much more to let poverty take a “final bow” and leave.

This issue may seem impossible to solve, but we can start off by helping the needy right in our backyards. Goodwill and Oxfam are organizations that support people in poverty. Goodwill sells clothes for a very inexpensive price where Oxfam teaches individuals how to make a living, get them to shelter, and show them basic laws. You can donate your clothes and just five dollars to these organizations. If not, you can donate food; consequently, it is simple, yet it will get the job done and will benefit many people and families. You and the next generation can make poverty simply come to an end in just a few years.

We can end poverty in one click, one drive, and one breath away. The devastating circumstances will come to an end when poverty walks away.


Hunger Throughout The World
By Abby Hall

Imagine you wake up in the morning. You go and sell the little food your family has in the crowded market. As the people come streaming in, you wonder if you will be able to eat tonight. You sell food to many people throughout the morning, and through the afternoon heat. Finally, the day is over. Stopping by a shop, you buy a baguette. This is your family’s dinner tonight, and for the rest of the week. It might end up being for the rest of the month. This happens to thousands of people throughout the world. They are dying because they do not have the chance to eat food. Malnutrition, or world hunger, is an issue that affects so many people in a multitude of places. Thankfully, some are already helping, but we are not doing enough.

Hunger is a real issue that affects millions of people. Eleven children die every minute because of hunger. Eleven children. Every minute. And that is not even counting adults! However, children are especially vulnerable to hunger. The younger children are, the easier it is for them to end up missing out on nutrition. Around 5.9 million people die before they are 5 years old from hunger alone. Even if children are not killed as a result of hunger, their growth may end up being stunted. Another problem caused by hunger is undernourishment. An estimated 821.6 million people all over the world are undernourished.  Millions of people’s lives are destroyed because of hunger.

People in many places do not have the choice to eat breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. Or breakfast the next day. Or lunch. Or dinner. One person’s life in Africa may look somewhat like this: Early in the morning, Ester gets up. She does not eat breakfast, for she does not have any food to eat. Taking her younger brother’s hand, Ester walks a mile through the dry land to school. Her life was not like this two years ago, but then the drought came. In just a month, Ester’s tribe’s beautiful farmland, their only source of food, turned into a dry desert. Thankfully, a group came and built a well by a school that is a mile away, but her family has been having trouble finding food. Throughout the day, Ester and her younger brother struggle to learn from their teacher, who is speaking in a language they do not understand. Adding to the trouble, her stomach keeps growling, so she is not able to focus at all. Some countries are donating money to help her, but her country's leaders just use it to pay back their debts. Always, Ester’s life is full of fear from hearing the fact spoken: “Between now and tomorrow morning, 40,000 children will starve to death.” As her mind wanders back to the dimly lit schoolroom, Ester wonders if she or her family members will ever be one of those 40,000.

Thankfully, many organizations are trying to help people like Ester. Bread For The World helps inform people throughout America about this issue. They also send help to people who are starving. Bread For The World encourages leaders to stand up for their people and get them the food and nutrients that are widely needed. Another organization, The Hunger Project,  goes to many of the countries that are struggling to provide their people with one of the basic needs of life. These members of The Hunger Project supply many people with clean water and education. They save many lives by giving them the proper nutrition that is needed for these people to survive. Donating to one of these organizations would be a truly amazing way to help end hunger. Even a dollar a day would build up to the money a group needs to send someone to one of these countries. If donating is not possible, many organizations have ways that anyone can help. Going to freerice.com and answering 20 questions could give someone the chance to live another day. Finally, the biggest way to bring an end to world hunger is to tell others about this issue. Awareness will help bring an end to the hunger that enslaves people’s lives.

Throughout the world, people are needlessly dying from world hunger, an issue that can easily be stopped. Millions of people die from this issue each year. Children are easily attacked by hunger. This world issue must be eliminated. Everyone, no matter their location, is able to help end world hunger and save millions of lives.

Global Warming Withdraw
By Braden Cox

If we stop global warming, one million people will be brought out of poverty. This shows how severe and impactful this issue is. In fact, global warming is harming not only us, but our entire world as a whole. We must all step up and help out in order to solve many of the problems caused by this issue that are affecting us today.

Global warming is an extremely impactful problem, and the world will continue to suffer if we do not take any action. The warmest year ever on record occurred in 2016, which means that we will put so many different areas in danger of extreme climate change if we are not able to put an end to global warming. On top of that, an average of around 2,470,000 acres of forest are lost each year because of this issue. Our oxygen supply and natural resources are cut down due to this. Global warming has enormous effects on not only us, but also on the environment. Since 1870, sea levels have risen by eight inches. It may not seem like much, but tropical areas could be put in danger if this issue continues. Also, precipitation has increased by five percent and the average temperature has gone up by two degrees fahrenheit over the last 50 years. This will make our planet inhabitable if this trend continues. Alarmingly, the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere are at the highest they have ever been over the past 800,000 years. This is yet another thing that would tarnish our ability of being able to live on earth.

Global warming is damaging so many aspects of life in so many places. We must oppose this issue. We must do this because nearly 250,000 people could die each year due to climate change caused by global warming. That is nearly the entire population of Buffalo, NY, all gone. Just imagine how many people will be forced to suffer because of that. Certain areas and groups of people are highly affected by global warming as well. Imagine waking up to blazing heat and a black, smog-filled sky. This is what people who are directly impacted by global warming and access emissions feel like each day. People in poor countries who do not have money to fight the problem face terrible air quality and tons of factory gas on a regular basis. Twenty-five percent of emissions are released in America alone, which makes up only four percent of the world’s population. This is an extremely staggering fact, and we have to do our best to make sure that the trend does not continue. This cannot be simply overlooked. We must all bond together to oppose global warming in order to save the lives of so many innocent people and to keep our world in an acceptable condition.

At this point, you are probably wondering what you can do to stand up against global warming. To start, you could donate to charity, such as 350.org. This organization raises awareness about global warming and also plans out campaigns and projects that help to oppose global warming. If you donate, it will help organizations like this one to better combat the issue. There is also an agreement made by the United Nations that vows not to ever let global warming increase by over two degrees celcius, which is called the Paris Agreement. Although some candidates for government positions are not in favor of this agreement, there is something that you can do to make sure that our leaders are. Electing leaders that support this policy will assist in getting more people to take action and oppose global warming. If you are looking for something more modest and easy to do, you can simply raise awareness throughout your community or recycle any reusable products that you may have. Another way you could help out is by taking a larger stand and starting your own organization or movement. For example, you may be able to organize specific days in your community or city in which everyone is invited to come and help pick up garbage. As simple or as complex as your prefered deed may be, you should help to put an end to global warming in any way that you can.

Global warming is obviously a serious issue, for it is harming almost every area of our lives. This indicates that we all have to band together to put an end to this problem. Once again, I hope you choose to do the right thing and assist in abolishing global warming.

By Caitlyn Garrett

Refugees are waking up to bombs falling, gunfire, and their homes being destroyed. They are being forced out of their homes leaving clothes, pets, food, and even family members behind, and they have nowhere to go. This is all happening to them because of war and violence. Although it may be hard, we can put a stop to this.

Refugees’ numbers have grown drastically in just the last two years. Over 37,000 people are forced to leave their homes daily. This is very sad because it shows us how much violence and war there is in the world today. Not only that, but to get to a smaller view, one person is displaced every two seconds. So that is thirty people every minute. Fortunately, about 92,400 refugees have resettled. They are either living in camps or they have started a new life somewhere else. They could not have resettled if it were not for people who helped them. People have been shipping supplies and building camps for refugees. Nearly 25 percent of refugees live in camps. The camps are home, but they are not very nice. People live in homes that have blankets for doors and roofs. They do supply food and water, but it may not be very clean. Refugees are being helped, but there are still many people leaving their homes. 

Refugees have been forced so suddenly that they do not have time to grab any items they need. Imagine leaving your closest friend, family member, or pet behind without saying goodbye. Many refugees go through this and are left heart-broken. They may never see that person ever again. Also, people who are more fortunate take their belongings for granted. Next time you complain, think about all the children out there with no toys, bed, or even a home. If you are ever lucky enough to go help refugees, offer them money, food, water, or blankets. They will be so thankful and it will make you feel amazing. They might not ever forget your good deed. You cannot help every refugee in the world, but we can make a difference by helping one refugee at a time. 

If you are at all interested in helping out, visit these websites to donate or sign up. UNCF gives refugees supplies. Also, in 1965, they had a convention and they helped so many refugees. If you choose this website, donate money to those without a home or family. If you do not want to use this source, there is another one that does the same thing. Many people are taking a stand, so take one with us. Go to Human Rights Watch to see how you can help.

Refugees have become a big problem in the world today. Families have been running for their lives because of war going on in their countries, and, sadly, some people do not make it. Innocent children are dying out there, and too few people are doing something about it. hope you will join us is making a difference.

End Malaria
By Elizabeth Dowling

Imagine growing up knowing that this one tiny creature could kill you in an instant. That’s what people our age deal with every day. Malaria is a huge problem. We can be the change and stop this devastating disease. 

Mosquitoes kill millions. Just think of those headlines on all the newspapers and magazines. You see that every day knowing that you can do something about it. Thousands of people die daily from Malaria. People in the U.S. don’t think it is a big deal, but about 1,700 cases are diagnosed every year. Even though 90% of the deaths occur in Africa, Malaria is a global issue that needs to be solved. It affects more people than you think. The crazy thing is that mosquitoes are the deadliest creatures in the world. They kill more than sharks, bears, lions, and hippos. Imagine that one tiny creature killing entire populations. Malaria causes so many problems.

Malaria doesn’t only affect your health. It makes people go further into poverty because they don’t have the money to pay off the medical bills. People lose jobs,  houses, and good health due to one insect. Then on top of all of that, they can’t go to hospitals because there are no good ones around. More children die every year than adults because they don’t get vaccinated. By the time they do get the medicine, it’s too late. Many people go through horrible things like headaches, vomiting, muscle pains, hot and cold spells, and constantly being bedridden.  The list goes on. On top of all of that, there is no real cure. Imagine having that linger in your mind and knowing that this will most likely end in death.

This is a horrible disease, but there are ways you can help. You can donate to charity like Global Funds, which spent $14.02 billion dollars to help stop Malaria. SuNMaP is trying to reach full coverage and treatment for anyone affected. There so many more places you can donate to also. You can also help clean up these affected countries because mosquitoes thrive on dirty environments. You could set up a fundraiser like a bake sale or 5k. The money from that could go to people affected by Malaria. There are so many ways to help fight Malaria.

Can you imagine living with Malaria? Can you imagine living when your biggest fear is mosquitoes? Can you imagine being scared to go outside? That’s what people deal with every single day of their lives. We can fight and end Malaria.

The Poverty Madness 
By Grace Stitt

Every day, about 22,000 children die because of conditions due to poverty. Poverty is a global issue that is affecting many people all over the world. World poverty is a terrible matter that our world is dealing with right now. However, everyone can do something to end this monstrosity.

Poverty affects our world in a lot of different ways. It is found that women and girls make up 60 percent of the  world’s hungry. Hunger is one of the many effects of poverty, but it especially affects women and girls. We take for granted the fact that we have all the clean water we need. However, more than one third of Americans lack clean water.  Poverty not only affects people in America, but also it affects people all over the world. For instance, nearly 328 million children are living in extreme poverty. Extreme poverty is the state of being in the worst degree of not having food, water, or shelter. This shows you how much poverty is putting a strain on people’s lives. Adults have to provide food for their children. However, they are having difficulty doing so. There are 2.2 billion children in the world and 1 billion are living in poverty. Also, for every 1,000 children born, 39 will die before they turn 5 years old. Obviously all of these people are struggling and all of the need your help. 

There are numerous heartbreaking stories that back up the horror of world poverty. Imagine waking up in the morning and not being able to give you kid clean water. This is a reality for many kids across the world, and we have to do the best we can to help them. Many kids are struggling because they do not have the basic needs. Therefore, they do not have the resources to have an education which then affects their later life. Not having an education can not make the fact that they are in poverty better, because they can not get a job to make money to provide for their future family. People may think that it is all fun and games everywhere else, but so many kids are dying because they do not have to basic necessities. Without the basic needs kids can not survive because they have nothing they need to better their lives. What if you were a child, and you have been living in poverty for as long as you can remember? It’s happening to so many kids.

There are some many different opportunities available for you to help people in need. One of the many ways you can help is by going to the World Vision website. On World Vision, you can sponsor or donate to a child. This organization focuses on the goal of ending poverty. Another website is Life Water, which donates water to people all over the world. You can also donate to Compassion International. This website also lets you donate to kids who are not as fortunate as you. They don't have a family, house, food, and water. 

We all can do something to help all the people in the world that need your help. People need your help, so why not be the change!

Child Labor in Today’s World
By Liam Van Aken

Stop complaining about your normal chores you have to do around the house. You wouldn’t even think about working for 12 hours with little to no pay. Sadly this is the reality in many countries throughout our world. Although Child Labor is a horrible issue, you can help stop it. 

Child Labor is harming millions of children. Approximately 218 million children are currently in some form of illegal labor. Although it is technically work, most children earn less than 9¢ an hour. Most cases of Child Labor are a direct result of poverty.  This is due to the fact that some families are forced to make their children work due to their own low income. Some children are forced to work in hazardous conditions, and this results in more than 60 deaths every day! They have to go into dangerous caves because they are the only workers small enough to fit in them. An additional problem of Child Labor is that it eliminates a child’s possibility of having an education. This results in an almost unbreakable cycle of poverty that continues throughout their lives.

There are many differences between your life and the lives of those forced into child labor. Imagine this: you get out of bed and the first thing you do is go to work. You may be working in a dangerous cave or environment. You will work for 12 hours with little pay. As you work, you watch other children go to school and think about how much you wish you could go. Then you go home, maybe eat dinner,  go to sleep, and do it all over again the next day. This is the reality for a young boy named Alejandra. His family can’t afford for him to get an education. He is forced to work to add to the little income his parents make. This doesn’t just happen in Alejandra’s family though; it is happening throughout our world and must be stopped. 

Although this is an appalling issue, you can help stop it. You can stop buying from companies that use child labor, These companies include Nike, Walmart, and many more.` By boycotting these brands, you are cutting off their source of profit. Another thing you can do is to grow your own food. Some food companies use Child Labor to harvest their products. Probably the best thing you can do is donate to International Child Labor Organization. This group donates money for children’s schooling so their parents don’t have to pay for it. Please do these things to stop Child Labor right away. 

Illegal Labor with children is a formidable issue. Children deserve to be children and should get an education. You could save hundreds of children from the grips of child labor by making a few simple changes. Please do what you can to help stop child labor.


Posted by berg in Middle School, Be the Change Day on Thursday December, 12, 2019

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