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HMS World Language Department presents “World Art Museum/Shop and Café”

By Pauline Spring
HMS World Language Department

On March 18 and 19, The HMS World Language Department presented the “World Art Museum/Shop and Café” to 6th and 7th graders.   The event presented an inter-disciplinary approach to learning which involved art, special education, career awareness and world language and culture.  The auditorium was set up as a “World Art Museum” and featured five exhibitions:   The Louvre in Paris, France; the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin, Germany; the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy; Buo Wu Guan in Beijing, China; and finally, The Prado in Madrid, Spain.  The foyer outside the auditorium was set up as a museum shop and café for students to browse and enjoy.


The Special Education, Career Awareness, Global Challenges and World Language students participated in various ways.  The Special Education department provided their “Express-O Coffee Cart” for the café portion of the event, featuring a hot chocolate bar and candy counter.  Career Awareness students lent a helping hand at the café, both with the coffee cart and by offering guests various snacks from the French, German, Latin (Italian), Chinese and Spanish cultures.  Global Challenges students helped with the museum shop, selling “pulseras” (bracelets in Spanish) to  benefit The Pulsera Project. (pulseraproject.org).  World Language students provided recorded audio guides and acted as virtual docents for each of the five art exhibits.


6th and 7th grade students rotated through the five art exhibits, as well as the combined museum shop and café.  The purchase of a “pulsera” entitled a student to a 50% coupon toward a hot chocolate at the Express-O Café and a free cultural treat.  Individual treats, as well as world-themed erasers and pencils were sold at 25 cents each.  The 50% discount and treat proceeds were also donated to The Pulsera Project.


The Pulsera Project’s hand-made bracelets and purses were offered during a pre-sale at all lunches during the previous week and during the art museum experience.  In all, over $584 was raised for The Pulsera Project!  You may learn more about The Pulsera Project here: https://www.pulseraproject.org/about


Special thanks to Amy Holtz and the other special education faculty involved with the Express-O Coffee Cart, as well as Mrs. Hurst for her support of clubs and activities at HMS. Thank you also to the HMS PTO for awarding a grant which made the event possible. 


Posted by berg in Middle School, foreign language, World Languages, Espresso Cart on Monday March, 25, 2019

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