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Semester Classes for Grade 8

Computer Animation and Gaming

In this Computer Animation and Gaming course, students will have the opportunity to develop skills in computer animation and game design. Students will create projects using Scratch and Alice software. Scratch and Alice are software packages for creating animation in small virtual worlds. Scratch uses 2D objects; Alice uses 3D models in Pixar and Disney animation style. This is a project-oriented class where learning takes place through hands-on activities. Students will engage in an interactive interface enabling them to drag and drop graphic tiles to create a program. Scratch and Alice allow students to immediately see how their animation programs run, enabling them to easily understand the relationship between programming statements and the behavior of objects in their virtual world. Assessment will be based on rubrics for each of the learning tasks.

Architectural Engineering and Construction

This Architectural Engineering and Construction class combines the theory and application of civil engineering. Students will explore and understand principles of construction technology, including the science of forces on structures and building materials. They will interpret, draw, and design both two-dimensional and three-dimensional architectural components. In addition, students will engineer and test various structures. There will be an emphasis on the impact of construction on the environment and society, including the application of green technologies. The course will culminate with the real-world application of this curriculum in the construction of various needs of the district or the community. Assessment will be based on rubrics focusing on both the engineering and construction skills, as well as the final project.

Introduction to Robotics

While participating in this course, the students will become familiar with and utilize various robots, software applications, tools, machines, and digital media devices.  They will have an opportunity to complete multiple investigations involving inquiry and guided research, both individually and in teams. The students will complete a culminating project and present it in a multimedia format to peers, thus reinforcing 21st century skills and concepts.

Advanced Physical Education

This Advanced Physical Education course provides the opportunity to improve and enhance the physical education learning experience. Emphasis will be on cardio respiratory efficiency, muscular strength and muscular endurance. It is designed to enhance flexibility, help students understand body composition; develop positive attitudes and responsible habits. Fitness activities may include, but are not limited to: biking, aerobics, P90X, yoga, weight training, racquet sports, cooperative challenges/activities, Zumba, Pilates and cooperative games.

This physical fitness class is for those students who want to make a commitment to their physical well-being. The main portion of this course will be gender-specific; however, some components will be co-taught in a co-ed setting.

Ceramics and Printmaking Studio

Investigate the relationship between art and things you use every day— like t-shirts and mugs. Practice the art of screen printing to make wearable art. Build a clay mug for sipping hot cocoa. For the final project, each student will design and create an individual, useful work of art.

Introduction to Drawing

This course is designed for those students who enjoy drawing and want to further develop their skills.  Students will keep a sketchbook and begin each class with a sketch prompt.  The beginning of this course will be devoted to learning to see like an artist.  New and different ways of drawing will be explored to tune into this particular way of seeing.  Students will then apply these new skills to create more finished drawings.  Finished drawings may include still life drawings, portraits, figure drawings and perspective drawings.


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