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English - Grade 6

Sixth grade English is designed to enable the student to gain proficiency in the following modes of writing: expository, argumentative, and narrative. Students study grammar and mechanics and work toward varying sentence structure and improving word choice. Students are introduced to new vocabulary in order to enhance their writing and build their word knowledge. One emphasis is on constructing a well-developed paragraph and then advancing to multi-paragraph pieces. Careful attention is given to the introduction and concluding paragraphs in essays. To promote a uniform Language Arts program, Reading and English collaborate on a variety of topics, assignments, and assessments.

English - Grade 7

Seventh grade English builds skills within all modes of communication, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students study and practice grammar and mechanics as they work toward improving sentence structure, word choice, and coherence in written work. Students strive to advance from writing a well-developed to paragraph to authoring effective multi-paragraph essays for argumentative, narrative, and informational writing. Often through interdisciplinary work with Reading or History classes, students create and present a series of projects to practice and refine their reading, writing, speaking, and technology skills. Literature, including diverse nonfiction texts, is used as a vehicle to promote and refine analytical, critical thinking, and close reading skills, while providing a springboard for written and oral reflections and discussions.

Honors English - Grade 8

Eighth grade Honors English is a literature and writing course geared toward those students who like to read, read above grade level, enjoy discussing what they have read, and are interested in developing their writing skills across all levels of discourse. Much of the course work revolves around the study of both short and full-length fiction and non-fiction works as well as poetry as students learn to understand, analyze, discuss, and write about literature. Works used in the class may be as much as two years above grade level. Additionally, students will have independent reading assignments. The course furthermore seeks to develop excellence in informative, argumentative, text-dependent analysis, and narrative writing; and a variety of longer writing assignments of each type will be completed. Although the goals of the class are similar to those in Academic English 8, the pacing and depth of analysis are more rigorous.

Academic English - Grade 8

Eighth grade Academic English is a writing and literature course, with a focus on achieving proficiency in writing multi-paragraph argumentative and informative essays, text-dependent analyses, and narratives.  A second focus is the development of literary analysis skills through the study of numerous full-length fiction and non-fiction works, poetry, and short stories. Also emphasized is vocabulary study that stresses the use of varied, interesting, and precise word choices.

English Communications - Grade 8

Eighth grade English Communications is a course that seeks to develop proficiency in writing single and multi-paragraph, argumentative, informative, and narrative pieces. Technology, including word-processing and a variety of web 2.0 tools, is used to facilitate the learning and writing process. Vocabulary is introduced through literature in the classroom, focusing on developmentally appropriate, interesting, and precise word choices. The objective of this class is to enhance reading comprehension and literary analysis skills through a more individualized level and appropriate pace. The literature component is part of the Reading Communications class, therefore students who are in enrolled in the English Communications class must also enroll in the Reading Communications class.

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