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Communications Technology

INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY                                     
Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                  

This course meets the arts and humanities requirement and is comprised of five parts. This is a fun and exciting course which allows you to learn real life skills that you will use the rest of your life. Part 1 explores black and white photography.  Students will learn how to use a single lens reflex camera, develop their own film and make photo prints.  Part 2 investigates Graphic Design/Arts.  Students will learn graphic design principles through the use of many sophisticated computer programs, as well as the operation of a digital imaging, digital screen process and printing (T-shirts).  Part 3 is an introduction to Multimedia Presentations using Power Point. You will learn to imbed video, music and voice to make an exciting presentation. Part 4 is basic video production.  Students learn to use digital video to create powerful presentations. Part 5 is Digital photography, student will learn how to enhance and manipulate digital images. A few of the projects will include making black and white photographs, T-shirts, making video commercials and multimedia shows.  Grades will be based on projects, tests quizzes, and class participation.  Approximate cost per students is $15 to help supplement the cost of required supplies.

COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY II                                                       
Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                                               

This course allows students to pursue study in the field of visual communications.  Included are advanced operations of the single lens reflex camera and the new digital cameras.  Extensive study into the use of digital color photography using Adobe PhotoShop will be taught, along with multi-colored press and printing operations.  Students may choose to write their own advance study of communications if desired. Students will be introduced to studio and product photography, while special emphasis will be placed on advanced video recording and editing techniques using the most modern digital editing equipment.  All required video projects will be a combination of individual and group projects, which could include a music video, a mystery drama and other short subjects. Grades are based on tests scores, projects and class participation.  Approximate cost of supplies is $20.

VIDEO PRODUCTION                                 
Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                              

Video production is a semester-long course designed to teach and enhance the students' talents and allow them to explore possible careers in the high tech field of video.  Students will learn the safe and correct operation of video camcorders and video editing equipment.  Students will create storyboards that list the camera angles, types of shot framing and the approximate time length of each shot.  Students will write the text for the narration and titles needed for each story.  Video production assignments may include a one-minute news interview, a 30 second commercial or public service announcement, a five-minute how-to video, and a five-minute feature video.  Some group work is required for the video assignments.  Minimal lab fees may be required and outside class time is mandatory.

Each student will complete a semester-ending final project.  The final project will present one or more examples from each of the Audio/Visual Media Career areas.  The final project will include a narrative on how the student will utilize the skills they have acquired from the class in their future. 

TV PRODUCTION                                                                        
Grades 10, 11, 12                     

This semester long course will focus on television production and aspects of electronic news gathering. Students will learn how to operate studio equipment and produce an effective news broadcast. Students will also be required to watch and analyze local and national news programs and learn and apply techniques in presentation, camera work, composition and graphic design. Electronic news gathering skills such as collecting and editing supporting footage, writing news stories, leads and scripts, and reporting in the field and studio will also be emphasized.  In addition, students will learn how to organize, produce and direct a team to film an effective student focused broadcast. 

ADVANCED VIDEO PRODUCTION                                            
Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                  

Advanced Video Production is a semester-long course.  Students will learn to face real life situations that they may encounter in the studio or out in the field.  Students will have the opportunity to bring to life the reality of video production.  Students will learn the latest techniques and discuss the newest equipment in the field of video communications.  Students will also write and produce several projects for real clients.  Video production assignments may include public service announcement, a how-to video, and feature video.  Some group work is required for the video assignments.  Minimal lab fees may be required and outside of class time is mandatory.

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