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Dramatics and Technical Theater

Grades 10, 11, 12                                                                         

This semester course is designed for students interested in learning about the creative field of theater.  Students will learn skills in the areas involved in designing and producing technical elements in relation to the stage.  Experiences will range from designing sets, set construction and painting, programming the light board, sound production, make-up effects and the basic procedures of running a production from start to finish.  Given time, we will also focus on scale-set model building and the history of the stage and it's many forms.  Students will also help to work on and set up events of concentrated theater work, such as the spring musical and fall play.  As a final dimension, students will perform all of the technical aspects in conjunction with the acting class for a production for the public at the end of the semester.

Grades 10, 11, 12                                    

This course is developed to assist the student interested in further advancing their technical skills in the various fields of theater.  The learner will specifically focus on two fields per quarter, chosen from a pool of over fifteen areas.  This will equip the learner with more detailed, specific knowledge of elements required to produce a full-length theatrical production.  In addition to the four fields that the learner will gain mastery in, they will also be responsible for leadership and setting exemplary examples for the integrated Stage Tech I students by leading various group projects, such as lighting design or set construction.  Evaluation will be determined by the successful mastery of knowledge of, and execution of, each field, as well as student led leadership and initiative in peer group projects. 

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                         

This course is developed for the student interested in learning about practicing the craft of acting in a theater setting.  Whereas public speaking focuses more on speechcraft and outlining a position of opinion, the acting course focuses on behavior, movement, reaction, and believability.  Time will be spent on becoming comfortable with the stage and learning the parts of the theater.  Students will perform pantomime, emphasizing the important of body language and facial expression to tell the story.  We will lay the groundwork for the remainder of the course by taking a look at speaking for the stage, focusing on volume, diction, and annunciation.  Through studying blocking, students will be able to integrate acting driven dialogue and stage movement.  Script and character analysis is integral to the course to show students how to interpret a script and find a character's motivation and behavior.  Method acting, drawing from real life experience, is examined as well.  Students will examine and perform specific monologue types, including the Shakespearean, comedic, and dramatic monologues.  Dialogues, or playcuttings, are covered, providing students with the opportunity for interaction and implementing previously learned acting skills.  Additionally, larger one act plays are examined, involving multiple actors in each play.  Each student will also have the chance to direct their peers during these performances.  Towards the end, students will focus on script adaptation and culmination of the course, the class will work in groups to write, direct, and produce a series of one-act productions, to be performed for the public.

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