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Grades 10, 11, 12            

General Physics is an introduction to basic Physics concepts.  Practical applications and problem solving strategies are stressed.  The curriculum will focus on 6 major units:  Motion, Newton's Laws, Momentum, Energy, Electricity and Waves.  Students will gain practical insight into how and why things work.  Demonstrations, lab experiments, classroom activities, design projects, presentations, and computer technologies will be a few of the instructional strategies used.

PHYSICS I                                           
Full Year        
Grades 11, 12                                                                                            

Physics I is an introductory course in Physics with emphasis placed on concept development and problem solving.  Concepts are developed and reinforced through laboratory exercises, experiments and demonstrations.  Problem solving requires algebraic and geometric formulas and equations from prerequisite courses and the application of the scientific method in a laboratory setting.  Content includes Waves and Sound, Optics, Electricity and Mechanics.  Emphasis is placed on using technology, computers, sensors, and probes to acquire and analyze data from laboratory exercises. 

PHYSICS I - HONORS                                                                                                
Full Year                                                                                                                
Grades 11, 12     

Physics I Honors is a physics course designed for students who are particularly interested in physical science and have a strong background in mathematics.  This course is recommended for students planning to enter any type of engineering, medical, math or science field.  Successful completion of the course should prepare students for any college-level physics course.  Through lab investigations, data analysis, problem solving, and Socratic questioning, students will develop models of physics topics that include motion, forces, work, energy, conservation laws and electricity.  This type of student-led program allows the student to evaluate their potential in areas of physical science and applied mathematics.  This course requires one additional scheduled period per week for laboratory experience.

ADVANCED PLACEMENT PHYSICS                            
Full Year                     
Grade 12                                          

AP Physics is offered to students who successfully completed one year of physics with a grade of B or higher.  Students that are interested in project work and enjoy problem solving are encouraged to take this course.  While in many respects the course may be equivalent to freshman level college physics, it is hoped that the student will gain a real understanding of what he or she is doing, rather than just have the ability to do "plug in the formula" type problems.  Through this course, the student should be able to apply learning to solve problems of a more complex nature.  Lectures, problem solving, laboratory and project work constitute the main methods to achieve this.  Many topics from Physics I will be considered in greater depth.  In addition, there will be emphasis on rotational motion, AC/DC electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, wave motion, fluid dynamics, optics, and atomic/nuclear physics.  This course requires one additional scheduled period per week for laboratory experience. 

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