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ADVANCED PLACEMENT ECONOMICS                                                                    
Full Year
Twelfth Grade 

Advanced Placement Economics is a college-level course designed to give the students a greater understanding of economics than what the traditional high school course provides.  The course is modeled after introductory college courses and covers the fundamentals of both Micro- and Macro-Economics.  The students are expected to take the College Board exams in both courses at the end of the school year. 

Grade 11, 12   

Economics in the 12th grade study major concepts dealing with fundamental economic concepts.  The first section will deal with basic economic concepts that will carry over the rest of the course.  The majority of the course will then be broken down into three major units.  The first unit will deal with Microeconomic concepts.  A study of the different types of economic systems, the economic goals of the U.S. economy and the types of business organizations will be highlighted.  The backbone of economics, supply and demand, will be stressed and how these concepts affect prices and decision making.  Unit two will deal with major Macroeconomic concepts.  Students will study topics that will affect their everyday lives such as Gross Domestic Product, inflation, unemployment and the Federal Reserve System, along with government spending and sources of government revenue.  Finally in the third unit, the students will analyze how global economics has developed as they study international trade and global economic challenges.  Economic literacy is a necessary component in order to become better decision-makers in all aspects of life while also becoming a more informed citizen.  This course may be taken concurrently with the typical 11th grade American history choices.

Full Year
Grade 12    

Problems of Democracy is a course for senior students whose needs are not met by the Economics and Government courses offered each semester.  This one-year, one-credit course will focus on the basics of our federal government, the Constitution, local government, citizenship, economics at the national level, current market situations and current economic events. 

Full Year
Grade 11, 12           

This course gives students the chance to explore related experiences of the private sector and the world of work while being employed and earning money and receiving credit towards graduation at the same time.  The course covers job acquisition skills, resume formation, consumerism, budgeting, investments, work ethics and the essentials in the operation of a free enterprise system. The student will receive their required economics credit upon completion of this class.   

Full Year
Grade 11, 12   

Students who select this course must also register for Cooperative Education.  This joint effort by the school and community is designed to help students relate classroom theory learned in Cooperative Education to experiences on the job.  Students will be employed in a field related to their interests while being supervised by both teacher and employer.


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