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World History

Grade 10

Students in grade ten will study the major issues of the modern world.  The students will begin with an introductory unit connecting the origins of the modern world.  The study of the 19th century will focus on revolutions, world economic changes, and the development of societies around the world.  During the review of the 20th century, students will trace the developments of political and diplomatic power around the world and view the emergence of the developing countries.  Emphasis will be placed on the emergence of an interconnected world system in the modern era and the impact of that system on societies and cultures around the globe.  The ongoing tension between tradition and modernity, shaped by wars, revolutions, and economic transformations will be the central theme of the course.

Grade 10

This course is a continuation of the academic study of World History. The focus of the course is on history, culture and geography from 1800 to the present.  Emphasis will also be placed on economic and political development.  The main areas of study will be the Enlightenment, democratic development, the Age of Napoleon, the Industrial Revolution, the rise of socialism, nationalism, the unification of Germany and Italy, the emergency of Japan, Imperialism, World War I, Russian Revolution, Totalitarianism, World War II and the modern world since 1945. 

WORLD CULTURES                 
Grade 10

World Cultures is designed for the student whose needs are not met by World History, The Modern World.  The course will focus on the history of the world since 1750 with an emphasis on important trends that affect the world and especially the United States today.  The goal from a content perspective is less emphasis on the memorization of names, dates and facts and more emphasis on the teaching of why the world is the way it is based on historical developments.  The goal from a process perspective is to teach students skills that will help them succeed in life.  Included among these skills are to:  1) Develop the ability to ask critical questions to help understand events of the past and present; 2) Develop an ability to see relationships and distinctions in political, economic and social history, and relate them to the current world; 3) Interpret and analyze maps, charts, graphs, original documents and other written and visual materials; 4) Write an effective essay; 5) Develop critical thinking (problem-solving) skills using logical, systematic processes; 6) Carry out research activities.

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