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Twelfth Grade Courses

ADVANCED PLACEMENT ENGLISH                                                                          

 AP English Literature and Composition is a year-long course appropriate for students who have the motivation and capability to earn college credit while in high school. The course includes the intensive study of literature from various genres and time periods. The College Board guidelines suggest that students become involved in the experience, the interpretation and the evaluation of literature. Writing assignments focus on the critical analysis of literature and include expository, analytical and argumentative essays. In addition, students are required to write a research paper as well as other out-of-class papers that analyze how meaning is embodied in literary form. Students who complete this course are expected to sit for the AP Exam in May.

HONORS ENGLISH 12                                                                                                   

Honors English 12 is a demanding course that utilizes and further develops the students' abilities to read, think and write critically, while examining British and World Literature, related criticism, and the time periods during which the selected works were produced. Students should expect to participate in daily discussions about the texts, and spend time outside of class reading and writing. Written work will emphasize thesis-based analytical assignments. Additionally, the course includes college level vocabulary study and independent readings with related assignments. All 12th grade Honors students are also required to complete a research project using MLA style. Appropriate technology will be integrated into the curriculum of this course. Any student enrolled in Honors will be required to complete summer reading and writing assignments.

 ACADEMIC ENGLISH 12                                                                                                

Twelfth-grade Academic English is a full-year course designed to introduce students to the chronological study of British Literature, from the epic poem, Beowulf, to the science fiction novel, Brave New World. These materials will be supplemented with a sampling of world literature.  In addition to literary studies, students will refine composition skills. All 12th grade academic students are required to complete an acceptable MLA-based research project.  The students will also continue to build a strong vocabulary. Technology is an integral part of the learning process and is used to facilitate student learning. This course is designed for, but not limited to, students intending to further their education after high school.

ENGLISH COMMUNICATIONS 12                                                                

English Communications 12 is a full-year course that focuses on the continued exploration and analysis  of reading, writing, vocabulary and MLA based research. Students build on the skills learned in their previous English courses which include the study of the novel, short stories, poetry, nonfiction, vocabulary, and drama. In addition, students continue the process of responding to literature using various modes and lengths of writing. All 12th grade Communications students are required to complete an acceptable MLA based research project in order to graduate. In addition to articulating ideas and feelings in written form, emphasis is placed on listening, speaking, and cooperative learning skills in order to facilitate interpersonal communications skills in a variety of situations.  Appropriate technology will be integrated into the curriculum of this course.

Grades 9, 10, 11, 12                                                                                                            

Public Speaking is a required course for all students, held four days per week,  designed to facilitate a student's individual improvement in formal and interpersonal oral communications, as well as to develop appropriate technology for varying occasions. Students will deliver a minimum of nine speeches of various lengths focused in the areas of information, persuasion, and oral interpretation. Assessments will be based on speech preparation and delivery based on a variety of occasions and audiences, appropriate delivery style, and meeting length requirements. Students will be prepared for success in all academic areas of study through the application of organizational, technical, research, and listening and speaking skills. Students will also develop and practice listening skills, peer evaluation, and self-evaluation.

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