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Vocal Music

All elementary students have the opportunity to participate in music education and performance through singing, listening and playing a musical instrument. This academic discipline enhances logical and spatial reasoning skills, along with comprehension and listening, by incorporating and strengthening the auditory and kinesthetic learning modalities in the total experience.

Major concepts to be studied include matching steady beat, matching pitch, and developing a singing and listening repertoire.

Hampton's comprehensive music education program encourages students to explore music through a standards-based curriculum. While this course does not receive a formal grade, formative assessments are given based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities that include performance, historical and cultural contexts, and critical and aesthetic response. Further information can be found at:

Grade Kindergarten - 30 Minutes, twice per month

Grades 1 through 5 -  30 minutes, twice per week

Major Text(s)/Resource(s): McGraw Hill Share the Music (2000).

Student Performance Schedule

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