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Grade 5 Band

30 Minutes, once a week

Major concepts to be studied include:

  • Continued maintenance of instrument
  • Further development of posture, breathing and embouchure
  • Refinement of rehearsal and performance procedures
  • Development of instrumental performance as a means of emotional expression.
  • Repertoire performed will include more advanced technical, rhythmic and harmonic demands
  • Students will perform more frequently in a large ensemble setting, using an assortment of repertoire to enhance cross-curricular connections.
  • Rehearsals will culminate in at least two public performances each school year, in addition to two in-school tour performances.

Hampton's comprehensive music education program encourages students to explore music through a standards-based curriculum.

Formal, graded student assessment is based on the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for the Arts and Humanities that include performance, historical and cultural contexts, and critical and aesthetic response. Further information can be found at: