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HHS Graduation Requirements

Class of 2022 and Beyond

Detailed information for the following requirements is linked for easy access.

  1. Earn 25 course credits based on the guidelines in the Program of Studies.
  2. Complete 20 hours of community service (10 hours in 9th grade and 10 hours in 10th grade).  Students must complete a form documenting their service hours and submit the form to their social studies teacher.  Students should make copies of their form for their personal records prior to submitting them.
  3. Complete an Act 158 pathway to demonstrate college and career readiness.  The majority of students complete this requirement by passing the Algebra, Biology, and Literature Keystone exams.  During the fall of 11th grade, school counselors will work directly with students to determine pathways after they review Keystone scores.
  4. Beginning with the Class of 2023, students must complete 15 hours* of job shadowing (5 hours in 9th grade, 10th grade, and 11th grade).  Please review the Launching Futures website for links to information and job shadowing formsMr. Stickney, an enrichment facilitator and educator at HHS (, oversees the job shadowing requirement and can answer questions for students and parents.

*Job Shadowing Requirement by Graduating Class:

Class of 2022 - Job Shadowing not required

Class of 2023 - 5 hours ONLY

Class of 2024 - 10 hours ONLY

Class of 2025 and Beyond - 15 hours 

The Pennsylvania Department of Education Statewide High School Graduation Requirements can be found here.