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Academic Support

Hampton Township School District implements an Academic Support Program* at the middle and high school levels. The program is tailored to students’ needs. Students are provided with academic support that is individualized and based on their particular academic needs. The academic support teacher uses data and assessments, as well as information from teachers, to design instruction that will meet the academic needs of students. One of the benefits of the academic support program is its small program size and low student-teacher ratios, which enables individualized academic support to be delivered one-to-one or in a small group setting by teachers and staff who know students well. Research and practice show this is most effective for providing academic support that meets students’ needs. Students receive this support during study halls, non-academic classes, or through a web-based tutorial. Tutoring labs may also be provided in English, math, and science for students who require additional support in these academic areas.

For more information:

Dr. Jacquelyn Removcik                                                        
Assistant to the Superintendent     

Jen Hearn
Administrative Assistant

*This program is funded in part by Federal and State Grants.