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Enrolling New Students

Registration/Enrollment can occur at your child's School. Take the following:

Enrollment Forms:

  1. Student Registration Form
  2. Student Census Form
  3. Home Language Survey
  4. Student Health History
  5. Authorization to Request Student Records (If needed)

Documents to Present When Enrolling:

  1. Completed Forms (listed above)
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Immunization Record
  4. Proof of Residency (2) *

*  District of Residence Certification (if applicable)


Read and Complete:


More than one child in the family to enroll?  Go to the building of the oldest child.  (Example - if you have three children enrolling in the district - one to go to High School (9-12), one to go to Middle School (6-8) and one to go to an elementary building (K-5), go to the High School with all three completed sets of forms.) 

Kindergarten Registration:

More information here:



Contact the buildings for more information:

HHS  Guidance Department



HMS Guidance Department


Central Elementary School



Poff Elementary School


Wyland Elementary School



The Administration Center