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Hampton Township School District

Dear Hampton Community,

There is no doubt that last school year presented many challenges, but we move into 2021-22 with renewed optimism. 

Our theme for this school year is “Reuniting, Reconnecting, Learning Together.” Coupled with the District’s goals for this school year — based on our core values of trust, relationships, teamwork, and wellness — our mission is simple: for the Hampton school community to safely learn and grow together again.  

Reflecting on last school year, I could not be prouder of our teachers, staff, students, and parents for their perseverance and understanding in navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic, including hybrid and remote learning. Now, as we have returned to 5-day-per-week in-person instruction, I am certain that the teamwork which guided us in 2020-21 will continue throughout this school year, as well. 

More importantly, our students and staff can now get back to focusing on deeper learning and problem solving, which is ingrained in the rigor of our academic programs. I am so very excited to once again witness students in the classrooms learning, collaborating, and helping each other.

To quote my idol Fred Rogers, “How great it is when we come to know that times of disappointment can be followed by joy.” 

We are embracing the opportunity of returning to in-person instruction, which is the source of inspiration and joy to our students and faculty. Also, we are thrilled to see our athletics and arts resuming live competition and performances to make the Hampton community proud. 

Our Talbots always show determination, patience, creativity, and kindness. I am certain that those traits will continue to shine through in 2021-22. 


Dr. Michael Loughead

Superintendent of Schools