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Application Process

Hampton Township School District welcomes and invites applications for all posted positions.  We also encourage applicants to update their files as they receive their certifications from the state, acquire letters of recommendation, or obtain additional areas of expertise.  We understand that recent graduates or transfers to Pennsylvania may not have their PA teaching certifications uploaded at the time of application; however, please note that a valid PA state certification is a requirement for all teaching positions.  

All of our applications are accepted through our online Applitrack process; we do not accept any paper applications at this time.  By using the Applitrack system, you will be able to update your credentials easily and also apply for additional positions as they become available.  Please note that our staff reviews all submitted applications after the posting deadline; please do not contact our building principals directly as we wish to ensure a fair and appropriate hiring process.  

After the posting deadline, we will review all applications and select certain applicants for a series of interviews.  We will communicate invitations (including time, place, location, and focus) to applicants through the email that you provide through the Applitrack process, so please ensure that your email address is correct and that you are monitoring your email account closely.  

We generally begin this process in the spring and work diligently through the summer to find candidates to join our team at Hampton.  Please know that we give great thought and consideration to this process as each hire is important and impactful.  After a candidate has been approved by the School Board, we notify all other applicants accordingly through email.

Thank you for your interest in Hampton Township School District.  We wish you the best in your professional career.